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     Cooper Neil is a graphic designer and oil painter currently living in St. Augustine, FL. Hailing from Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, Neil captures the power and life within the ocean in his art, focusing on themes of waves, shorelines, and marine creatures. Growing up with the ocean in his backyard, Neil became an avid surfer and fisherman, fostering and developing a deep connection with the natural world underneath the waves. The diversity and interconnectedness of life below the surface of the ocean continues to inspire him today. Although the panoramas of the Rocky Mountains have also served as important sources of inspiration. Neil focuses largely on landscapes within his paintings, but also relies on his own natural flow of energy to direct some of the more abstract components.

     Neil graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida with a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Drawing from master painters like Salvador Dali and Mati Klarwein, as well as artists such as Rick Griffin for design. Neil seeks to learn from his own experiences along with centuries old techniques in the art of creation. The influences of surrealism is omnipresent in Neil’s art, which create worlds not far from our own, yet vastly different. Apprenticing under accomplished painter, and Colorado native, Jack Shure for two years has further influenced Neil’s art and compelled his transition away from the coast. In addition, music serves as an important source of inspiration for Neil who is rarely found creating without an audio component compelling his brush or pen.When not creating art, Neil enjoys skateboarding, collecting vinyl, surfing and seeing live music. 


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